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important note ;

I know other writers for the Trait family (Sins, Virtues, etc included) have said this before, but I feel it needs to be reiterated due to a few threads I myself have encountered:


Even the notions of Sin and Virtue? We use those titles because that is what most in existence know these Traits to be. When you think of being greedy or prideful? You think of the idea of Sins. When you think of chastity or charity? You think of the idea of Virtues. These are, yes, instilled within us by religion — but the Trait family in the world we created them in, their ‘verse’ so to speak, came before religion.

God has nothing to do with Balance’s or Chaos or Order or Time’s creation in this verse of ours.

In this verse, in this world, we’ve established? These are natural occurrences

That is, of course, not to say that you as a writer or your muse are not allowed to view things religiously. Go right ahead. But our muses, we ourselves, do not view it as such. And it is not right to make it out like we should cater our muse to those beliefs. Before someone states we’re doing some kind of disservice to the Lord with this? Some of the writers are religious.

They are old creatures, they’re powerful. You can destroy their forms, but they are something present in every human, even some animals — they are emotions and beliefs — they are concepts that keep the world in balance whether you are religious or not. Erase one trait or ideology? The freedoms we have could be thrown off-kilter.

Basically, at the end of the day, all I’m really saying here with this? To expect any of us to bend our character or our headcanons, or whatever? That would be like asking a Castiel RPer not to write him as an angel of the Lord because your character or the verse they hail from might not view angels as Supernatural portrays them. That’s not how RP works, folks. That takes fun out of it. Your character is welcome not to view Pride or Greed or Empathy or Ambition as eons old powerful beings — BUT that is what they are in our verse and that won’t change because your character chooses not to believe or they/you disagree.

We don’t expect you to change your muses or yourself (beliefs, ideals, what have you) for us, don’t expect it of us. 



I just set to doing some rehaul of Humour, there is still much to tweak and fix and redo, but it’s in the works. I’m going to, when I’m done, set to work on seeing if I can find her muse again. I do miss playing her, but my muse for her has been fleeting at best for awhile. All that’s left right now on the blog are reblogs of FCs I’m keeping for her and her headcanons ‘cause this is not a complete revamp of her or anything.

I just want to see if I can get back into the swing of things.

PS. ‘thelaughfactory;’ is my new OOC tag for Humour.

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